Welcome to the Great Canadian Divination Adventure!!! The Spirit of the Lake is an evocative and wildly expressive oracle, This deck has now features 89 numbered cards that work together energetically to provide powerful insight, wisdom and guidance.

Having worked with our Spirit of the Lake Oracle in its original formats for some time now, I felt the timing was right to revisit the dynamics of the divinatory system. A few cards just stopped speaking, and others made themselves not only indispensable, but willing to take on more meaning. A few super and blue moons and a total solar eclipse later,  inevitably Roger had some magical new images, and the result is one with which Roger Carlsen and I are really happy. Introducing the New! Spirit of the Lake Oracle. The heart and spirit of the deck is the same. But this deck is a more concentrated, vibrant (physically and energetically); It’s  pocket-purse-picnic-and-canoe-sized and ready to head out on your next great divining adventures.

Oracle cards are consulted for daily inspiration or enlightening messages. SOLO has this soothing and uplifting potential; and yet, these shots are also imbued with the spirit of the lively wetlands and wooded terrain of Musselman’s Lake, which gives it a unique potency. Forged in sun and storm, the result is a dynamic oracle designed to reveal layers of light and shadow, surface and depth.

Roger and I began working for this deck about a year ago and it didn’t take long for both of our passions and professions to become inextricably entwined. While I’m an intuitive and slightly eccentric Kitschen Witch who reads, writes and concocts, Roger Carlsen is a pro photographer known not only for his portraiture, commercial and fashion and wedding pics, but also for a whole lot of creative nudes. Our living room was always full of flawless women in various stages of undress. When we moved here to this picturesque cottage lake community, and he developed a passion for shooting geese and frogs, well, naturally I was super supportive. But at some point, his nature photography became an expression of his own connection to the Divine, which is when the shots started calling him – and then talking to me.

We dedicate our efforts to that radiant Spirit of the Lake who led us to such transcendent beauty. We hope you have many happy and clarifying dialogues with his deck. Fly high.

Love SOLO’s people: Tina Hardt & Roger Carlsen.


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Your choice of five beautiful cotton spread/altar cloths. Also great to wrap up deck. Fashioned from the prints, “Experience”, “Monet”, “Undercurrents”, “Samhain” and “Plenty”. Samhain also works beautifully as a tarot or mediumship tarot or casting cloth.



A warm and HEARTFELT thanks out to friends and neighbours who allowed Roger to camp out and shoot on their private docks and property, and also for their light hearts, love of life and infectious pride in community. Our love and gratitude. George and Irene Karpouzis; Kieran Glynn; Grant and Jo Zadorsky Ivens and Linda Pullen. (Please see Cards No. 107 and 102).

AND profound appreciation for the luminous Carrie Paris ( Despite a desk, literally (not figuratively) groaning with work – Carrie added her graphic and infinite heart-and-soul-tending talents to help Make it So. Carrie, You are the root of heaven, the morning star, the bright moon, the house of endless love. I’m pretty sure Rumi wrote that about you. (Please see Cards No. 2 and 57).


One of the best things about being a Diviner is that you’ll never know everything. Not even close. You’re a student perpetually humbled by what you learn from your tools, clients and notably, other gifted Diviners. This is why I made the decision to number and not name the cards.

The card definitions that I’ve documented in the SOLO Little White-PDF have evolved from my own personal work, and the cards continue to lead me to new insights almost every reading. Additionally, some of Roger’s own synchronistic experiences while shooting are also layered into some of these meanings. That said, Roger’s images will, no doubt resonate with your own incredible experience and wisdom, and we didn’t want to inhibit a gut hit.

If you have any questions, or want to share your own experiences with the cards, please contact me:


In 1980, Roger Carlsen began photographing for a local studio before opening his own in downtown Toronto. He became known for his work in fashion, boudoir, celebrity and business portraiture. Faithful to masterful lighting, elements of whimsy and story telling, Carlsen is driven to reveal layers of character.
The beguiling beauty of Musselman’s lake fueled a latent calling as a nature photographer. He spends many happy hours tromping through thigh-high snow; braving voracious insects; and lying on his belly staring into the soulful eyes of many of the residents of the local wetlands.