Some Rules and Lay of the Land Stuff

  • My readings are strictly confidential. I honour and respect your right to privacy.
  • I will only do a Tarot reading if you’re 18 years old or older. If you’re 16, I we can do an Oracle reading. Contact me for more information.
  • I’m not a therapist, and not an alternative to a licensed clinician.
  • Any readings or Tarot Parties in my home are by appointment, and referral only. Updated information March2020: With added Covid-19 restrictions, all of my readings are remote. 
  • Can I watch or listen into my BFF’s reading?
    • I’m occasionally asked if it’s OK for either a curious entourage or a friend to sit into your reading. Here’s the thing. Unless it’s a couples reading, I want you all to myself. This is, in part, because readings are confidential; but, it’s also mostly because it’s an irritating distraction, not just for me but also mostly for you.At times, the card’s not-so-shy disposition like to reveal the REAL DEAL. It can break down walls and emotional barriers, and that can open up very personal dialogues. Third parties inevitably influence the degree of honesty in your response to emerging issues, and thereby not only impede the divinatory process, but also, the overall benefit.