READINGS with Tina Hardt

READINGS with Tina Hardt

During the WINTER, I do remote readings which then includes an interactive Skype or phone discussion, I’ll ask you to email me a focused question or what it is that you’d like to get out of our time together to 

 SPECIAL MESSAGE: Covid-19 has created a greater need for guidance through this difficult time of transition, and in an effort  to help, I’ve drastically dropped my rates. If you are looking to redirect that energy that’s being consumed by fear and worry into self-discovery and courage, we have many ways to work with this. You can help and heal the world around you by raising your own vibration. Become a LIGHT in this mess and confusion which helps those around you feel calmer, so that they too can pay it forward. 



I know. And I love seeing you as well, but it’s snowy and my outdoor office is chilly and potentially icy and muddy. And we’re all staying home, right?!!! Please be reassured that you will receive all of the same attention and accuracy but with one added BENEFIT. I tend to read longer… Our phone chat, however, may adhere to an appointment time. 

  1. Once you’ve paid for the reading through paypal or an interact transfer, I will confirm via email (thank you and extend my gratitude for the opportunity to work with you) and request a focused question so I can plan a custom spread and approach.
  2. I’ll work with your question and set up a follow-up discussion.



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