READINGS with Tina Hardt

So, what do I do exactly?

As an intuitive and diviner, I love tools. I use tarot and oracle cards (my own Spirit of the Lake) as well as casting charms. For me, they’re like nouns, verbs and adjectives – components of a divine language that I’ve learned that blend together energetically to form a story with a conflict or challenge and a solution. In essence, when we read together, I’m a translator and a messenger and then ultimately a guide that will lead you to a clearer idea of where you are, and the choices that can help determine where you’re heading. 

How private readings work

During the WINTER, I do detailed email readings with either my go-to decks of cards and charms – (or whatever else calls to me). This includes a 30 minute Skype or phone follow-up, which unlike the usual straight emailed report, will provide the warm, interactive and personal attention of a one-on-one reading. My email is


I know. I love seeing you as well but it’s snowy and my office is chilly and potentially icy. Please be reassured that you will receive all of the same attention and accuracy with this email/phone method with one added BENEFIT. This is tried and true and has evolved into my preferred way to read. When working in a Metaphysical store, I was constantly getting in trouble for going over the booked time. I hated leaving a reading unfinished because “our time is up.” This method of reading allows me work off-hours when it’s quiet, and I’m most receptive and I’m not a slave to the clock. I’ll finish when I have clear messages, and not according to an annoying timer.  Our phone chat, however, will adhere to an allotted time frame.

  1. Once you’ve paid for the reading through pay pal or an interact transfer, I will confirm via email (thank you and extend my gratitude for the opportunity to work with you) and request a focused question.
  2. I’ll work with your question and within 72 hours, typically, we’ll discuss the reading.



Let’s talk. I also work with another very talented reader if the group is larger then 8. Email me at


60 minute intuitive reading including cards and charms and a follow-up phone or Skype connection.