READINGS with Tina Hardt

So, what do I do, exactly?

I work with tarot (RWS and Thoth), oracle and playing cards as well as casting charms. Every one of my spirited tools has it’s own voice, personality and expertise. So, depending on our focus , I’ll either do a layered reading or simply go with the right tool for the right job. I like to think of each card or charm as an individual part of a divine language. They come together energetically to form a story with a theme, conflict and a guided resolution. During our divination, I become the vehicle for this narrative, a messenger, or translator. 

All of my divinations are a minimum of 60 minutes and include cards, charms and an interactive follow-up phone or Skype connection.



How my PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE readings work



During the WINTER (and now because of the CV-19 isolation) all of my readings are remote – and I’ve also reduced my rates, although not the quality or length of my readings. During this challenging time of transition, there’s deep but entertaining and interactive work we can do to help redirect your energy from fear and worry, to self-discovery and courage.You can also help and heal those around you by being the LIGHT in this confusion, by choosing to remain balanced, so that others around you are calmed, and can pay that vibration forward. 

We’ll establish contact, discuss what you would like to get out of the reading, then book an interactive follow up session by either phone, FaceTime or Skype. (I’m using this time out to become more tech savvy. Wish me luck!!). 

Please note that all private readings, must be booked and purchased in advance. All of these readings are payable by interact transfer to

PRIVATE DIVINATION sessions are confidential, compassionate, layered. I specialize in customized your divination, selecting the tools – cards, charms or specific oracles – that work best for your needs.

In addition to the usual general or question-specific readings, I’ve also added two specialized divinations (see below):  SHADOWMANCY and the TRUE NORTH ORACLE. While there is a difference in approach, this work is similar in that both sessions focus intensively on identifying then helping you align with your purpose, then evolve past unconscious and ancestral limitations to allow for happiness, authenticity, wellness and beauty.





Well, yes then, all good, It really should.

This is what core wounds look and feel like to me. This is inherited pain, suffering and defeat. And we can spend the rest of our lives in this low vibration, stuck, blocked, unfulfilled and, because it’s so much easier, settling for the mediocre and often handed-down or inherited version of ourselves. We can continue to accept the pattern of hardship and suffering for ourselves and others, and somehow unconciously agree to live in exile from our core ideals and beliefs. And why not? It many ways it’s easier. Not for us, of course, but for others. And maybe even what we’re used to – this chaotic default. Or we can simply decide that enough is enough. Suffering was never our birthright! We have a choice of either making friends with our core wounds or redirecting that energy into ways of moving on. Breaking childhood imprints and ancestral agendas begins with a burning need to know Who am I? Why am I here? What’s blocking my Way?

This interactive divination has been created to help illuminate, then shift that energy that identifies with the broken concept of self. 

The True North Oracle: Inner-Compass and Alignment Work

“So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

                                                                                       – All Hail the Spice Girls

Everything is perfect. And it’s perfect because through free will, we have made it so. Introducing The Truth North Oracle, co-created with Carrie Paris ( This is an interactive divination that was crafted to help you attract what your soul really, really wants. If we ask with intent, the Universe provides. But do we always understand how we’re charging these intentions? Or why? What, in fact, are we really up to? This beautiful Oracle has been calibrated like a spiritual compass, and it knows the difference between fulfilling your soul’s purpose and Highest Good and manifesting experience from the False Self. Attuning to your True North, it will open key dialogues, reveal invasive limitations and unconscious agendas, and guide you into sacred alignment, card by card, charm, by charm. We’ll also call in the blessing and guidance of our Daemon or Spirit Wind voices to bring in the force and wisdom of their 8 respective directions. We’ll divine which ones are there for you to harness, to either create momentum, propel you forward or to tear down the barriers to your soul’s expression. This work wants to activate positive change and open new and joyful pathways. For this divination, please bring one of the following to my reading table : A goal. Something you would like to make manifest. OR A blockage. Do you need clarity or closure on a specific experience, i.e. a relationship, job, or a calling that failed to manifest the way you had expected? Once anchored in your Truth, we’ll revisit your question, or your plan for whatever it is that you want to bring into matter, bless it, tweak it, or start from scratch.  

The key secret to successful, enduring manifestation and change is the ability to set an intention from a place of Truth and authenticity. Once centred in this sacred space, you can open to and access the magic that will begin to open new and joyful pathways.