(January, 22, 2019) Please note that I’m currently unable to provide this service. I will update my website when and hopefully if the circumstances change. 


Thinking about a good Girls’ Night In? Bachlorette Party? It’s-Wednesday-and-I-need something-fun-or-I’m-going-to-lose-my-ever-lovin’-mind? Look no further.

Introducing: Sweet and Savoury Tarot

By combining my backgrounds in Divining and the culinary arts (as a pro Line Cook, Caterer and Kitchen Manager), I’m thrilled to offer intimate groups a really unique event: The Tarot Tea or Tipsy Tarot Party.


FunDining & Divining was a concept that I created to answer a reasonable question: “What can the rest of us do while we’re waiting for our reading?” The answer is relax, hangout and FunDine until it’s your turn to be pampered at my card table. It also makes hosting a private party both labour-free and cost effective. I deliver a pre-agreed upon number of meals with personalized instructions in the form of an entertaining checklist. As a hostess, there’s no explaining necessary. No cooking. No dirty dishes. Just throw everything back into the box, and I take it home. Fun & Done. And the cost of the catering can be built-in to the cost of each individual reading.

Big Flavour Comes in Small Packages

As your personal Chef de Tarot Partie, I specialize in custom gable or snackbox catering. Yes, it’s a Happy Meal for grown-ups. Still, make no mistake. Even though the recycled kraft paper gable box and mason jar delivery format will make you smile, your feast will be prepared with the same skill, attention and presentation that I would give any plate at a restaurant or function.

How it Works
You let me know the size of the group. Group size: Ideally, 3 (mandatory minimum) – 6. Beyond that, of course, we can talk.
Is your function a Tarot Tea-party (premium loose leaf steeped tea); or is it a Tipsy Tarot Party (includes one creative 2 ounce cocktail)?
What time of day? Breakfast (Rise and Divine); Brunch (Who doesn’t like brunch? Certainly not brides, birthday girls or boys – or golf widows) and, of course, Lunch or Dinner (Great for team building, Lunch-and-Learns or my personal fave, Girls-Night-In).
I will have prepared the gable boxes (with cutlery, napkins, and a hand-crafted menu card with any and all instructions) ahead of time, so I all need to do when I get there is wish everyone a Bon Appetite, and then focus exclusively on the tarot readings. These meals are designed to be interactive and make you smile. All any hostess will ever be asked to do is provide ice, and or boil water. Easy Peasy.
Rather than provide a menu on my website, I like to offer a customized catering experience based on your likes, needs, tolerances, themes and budget.

All parties must be booked in advance and I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. In the event of a no-Show or cancellation, I require cancellations at least 48 hours before an event.

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