Let’s Divine: Halloween & In-between

Diviners at Halloween are kind of like accordion players during Oktoberfest. They’re In high demand. But the comparison ends there. Insight, clarity and guidance isn’t just for Halloween.  Readers add value and are a fun, affordable and unforgettable way to entertain and pamper your patrons, guests, employees or clients for themed or non-themed events.


I’m able to customize my services to suit the unique nature of the event. Having worked in the fields of both hospitality and entertainment, I can assure you that I bring both a client-friendly, upbeat and professional table-side manner.


Restaurants, pubs, event planners, businesses and private clients have booked me for both cozy, creative and larger-scale  functions.


  • Team Building
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Client and Staff Appreciation Parties
  • Staff Picnics, private or corporate Boat Cruises
  • My private services as a Prize, Award, Gift or Giveaway
  • Birthday, Bachelorette, Jack & Jill, Retirement Parties and Weddings
  • Pub and Restaurants, exclusive in-house reader or special occasions



Love to talk about your next event