Life’s an Event. Pamper your Psyche.

I, Divine


Welcome to and my magickal world of divination. I’m a Cartomancer. (I work with tarot, oracle and playing cards); a Charm Caster (predictive and therapeutic); a Spiritualist (yes, as my teeshirt says,”ghosts were once people too”) and a Creatrix (I’ve had the honour of co-creating “The Spirit of the Lake Oracle” with Roger Carlsen and “The True North Oracle” and “Relative Tarot” with [deep bow] Carrie Paris (

My sessions are
confidential, entertaining, interactive, intuitivelayered – and ethical
. In addition to quicker and to-the-point predictive or situational readings, I offer customized divinations that are exploratory, and more focused on healing and a do-able way to evolve past pain and any limited views of your potential. And, oh yes, this is do-able. 


I’ll begin with a general reading to establish an energetic baseline. In my experience, the answers to most questions have deep roots, some hidden, some really HELLO-i’m HERE-exposed, yet still blocking the way forward. And I like to work from these earthy and musty roots up. Doing our reading, we’ll take a look at what your’e really up to. We’ll identify any limiting beliefs, behaviours and ancestral agendas. What messages are you really sending to the Universe?; And what have these messages have been attracting in terms of life experiences or people – and why? “Our choices are our alchemy” and what we have created is, as it must be, PERFECT.


And, as everything is Perfect and exactly as it should be, once we understand that you can turn our observations inwards and upwards, and begin rewriting your story from a new and authentic perspective. Together we’ll seek an answer or a solution and activate that which is in alignment with your True Purpose, and not your False Self.


 As Dolly Parton says, “Get to know who you are – AND DO IT ON PURPOSE.” And then connect with what it is, and then how it is  that you are making it SO. 




Tina Hardt
















I saw the angel in the marble
and carved until I set him free