Life’s an Event. Pamper your Psyche.

I, Divine

Welcome to and my magickal world of divination. I’m a Cartomancer (I work with tarot, oracle and playing cards); a Charm Caster (predictive and therapeutic); a Spiritualist (yes, as my teeshirt says,”ghosts were once people too”) and a Creatrix (I’ve had the honour of co-creating “The Spirit of the Lake Oracle” with Roger Carlsen and “The True North Oracle” with Carrie Paris). 


My sessions are confidential, entertaining, interactive, intuitive, layered and exploratory. I begin with a general reading to establish where you are energetically. From there, we’ll explore core ideals and strengths, and then work with Higher Intent to uncover and ultimately evolve from beliefs, behaviours and inherited patterns that may be inhibiting you from attracting experiences or people from a place of Personal Truth. 


As Dolly Parton says, “Get to know who you are and do it on purpose.”

Tina Hardt



A. Confidential intuitive readings that are entertaining and empowering.


“An exclamation of Bacchic frenzy”. Or simply, Cheers!


Let’s divine: Halloween &

Tarot card readers at Halloween are kind of like accordion players during Oktoberfest – Rock Stars. In very high demand. But the comparison ends there. Tarot is NOT just for Halloween.

Private Readings with Tina Hardt

I can read for you a few different ways. Either by email, over the phone, Skype or, if you’re local, in my office or on location.

Big flavour comes in small packages

I specialize in custom gable or snackbox catering. Yes, it’s a Happy Meal for grown-ups.